Happiness Project Week #5

Welcome to week 5 of My Happiness Project. I honestly cannot believe it has already been a month since I have started this crazy journey.

This month my goals consist of being more productive at work and my home life so I can become more focused on my creative dreams.

Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a writer. I used to sit in my room late at night watching Sex in the City and pretend to be Carry Bradshaw typing away on my fake laptop. Side note … yes I was way too young to watch that show but my brain honestly just thought how cool it was to write for a living. What type of writer has always changed but my main goal is and always will be to see my name in print somewhere. I don’t need to be famous – I just want one person to know who I am because of the words I have written.

The problem – Like many of you other bloggers out there,is that  I need to work a 9-5 job to make ends meet. So I am forced to be creative after 5. The problem with that is I have a thousand other things to accomplish as well. My biggest tool is my Bullet Journal. This planner has literally changed the way I do things. The system was first created by Ryder Carroll. It is essentially a planner and a journal mixed into one amazing creation. You do not need a fancy notebook, just a pad and a pen and you are good to go. If you look up Bullet Journal on Facebook or Instagram you will see all sorts of crazy things, washi tape, stencils and complicated designs.  Don’t be intimidated. Just start off basic. Watch the getting started video and see how beneficial this can  be.

I bullet journal in a travelers notebook so I can have all my journals together because I use one for work as well. I can’t show you my work one but my personal one can be seen below. I have my morning and evening routines, my daily affirmation, what I eat during the day and my daily to-do lists. Those little colored squares at the top, yep that is my time trackers. The purple is my creative time. Only three hours in a day, hopefully one day that will change! When I have all my boring things finished I can finally start being creative.img_3474

Take a look at the links below. You will find the original bullet journal video, the Facebook groups I belong to, as well as the Etsy shop where I purchase my tools.

Bullet Journal Video

Bullet Journal Junkies

Bullet Journal In A Traveler’s Notebook


Do any of you have a way of keeping your life organized so you have time to do what you love? Let me know! Extra credit goes to anyone with pictures! And for those of you that do not have time for something like this – don’t worry I may just have something up my sleeve for you.

Stay Tuned!




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