Happiness Project Week #4

I want to talk about affirmations today. My step-daughter started her last first day of high school today and it got my thinking about my past a little bit and how happy I am now.

An affirmation is just a fancy word for a type of positive saying.

I try to be as positive of a person as I can be but a lot of the time I catch myself thinking negatively.

On one of my many study sessions about energy  I came across the term ‘affirmation’ and I was immediately intrigued. I started researching and I found this was something that I was missing throughout my day. I have added this to my morning routine and it has helped me become a more positive person, and stay focused on what really matters. There are some times where I go through the day and I don’t stop to appreciate the small things. I am alive. I have a great group of friends and family. I have a roof over my head and food to eat on my table. Not everyone can say that about their lives.

I am in no means able to help out everyone no matter how I wish to do so. What I can do is be grateful for all the things I do have.

For those of you that think that you have no time for this, you do. In the morning while I am drinking my tea I take five minutes to go over my affirmations.

I follow Louise Hay on Instagram. Let me tell you her blog is amazing. It is inspirational and uplifting. Go check her out! Tomorrow go to her Instagram account and take a look at her affirmations. I promise you won’t regret it.


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