I keep a journal of everything that I eat and drink, my moods and also exercise. I also write down some words during the day about how I feel. Yesterday I wrote about how I ate a piece of pizza and I how I wasn’t going to feel sorry  about it. The pizza sounded good so I ate it.

Yes pizza isn’t healthy. I get that, but also I don’t eat pizza everyday. It has now become a treat for me. I feel like if I wouldn’t have eaten it, the next day I would have had three pieces and that my friends is not a good idea. I am still coming to terms with balance. I am trying to not be too hard on myself. Somedays I am going to do really well and other days I know that I’m going to not want to go to the gym or I’m going to want a cupcake. I hope one day I can truly come to terms with that. Until then I will continue to try everyday to better myself. 

So friends! Don’t feel bad if you eat that piece of pizza or that cupcake. Shit.Happens. Just do better the next day! A heathy lifestyle is more than just eating salad and starving yourself. It is about having a healthy mind body and spirit. Balance my friends … it is all about balance. 


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