Happiness Project: Week 1

I went into this Happiness Project knowing that some of the things on my list wouldn’t make me happy.

I know … that doesn’t exactly make sense. Let me explain…

I am one of those people that will say they do something and make up an excuse not to do it. When I was trying to lose weight before my wedding I remember driving home from work and talking myself out of working out. I was like “it’s only me, I am not disappointing anyone else”. But there was my biggest flaw – I wasn’t treating myself like I mattered. In doing so I would be disappointing the one person that mattered the most – myself.

See this is why I knew I would be doing things that in the present moment that wouldn’t make me happy. Does working all day and coming home to go to the gym make me happy? No. Will finally being able to fit into skinny jeans make me happy? Yes. I know it is shallow but I want to be able to look in the mirror and like what I see. Plus, going to the gym is good for my heart and I need to keep moving because I sit at a desk all day.

The success of both running and meditation lies in the ability to handle our motivation. The point of handling our motivation is not necessarily to channel it into as drive to be successful; that would be ambition. Rather the point is to allow ourselfs to see what is possible — Running with the mind of Meditation.

I am only going to be able to motivate myself – no one else. This is about  making better choices and they may not make me happier at the start – but my goal is to be healthy in all aspects of my life. So I need to continue to push myself. No matter how much I hate cardio.

So this upcoming week I am going to be working on a better morning routine, continuing cardio and meditation. I may have some fun apps as well to share!



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