Ice Cream

I have the biggest sweet tooth.


In this journey to eat healthier I have searched high and low for great tasting but healthy for you sweets. I tried frozen fruit, frozen orange juice and even frozen cool whip (fat free and sugar free!) They all tasted okay, but it wasn’t very satisfying.

When I started my new job the girl that was training me was really into health and fitness, a lot so than me. She told me about this ice cream called Arctic Zero. She said a serving was only 35 calories and she swore it tasted great. Well I was in! I tried it, and it wasn’t bad! I will worn you that it is lactose free, so if you are looking for something creamy you won’t find it here.However, I have ¬†another option for you! Halo Top has a little more calories per serving – it is 70. However, it tastes just like normal ice cream and is by far the best substitution I have found. I have lately been topping it with cool whip and freeze dried fruit and it is my new favorite thing!

Ok, before you get sticker shock, both of these are around $5 for a pint! I know its expensive and my husband will grumble when I drop a couple of pints into the shopping cart. However I think it is really worth it. Something that tastes great and is good for you, it is almost like something out of a dream. I promise you will not be disappointed.


What are your favorite healthy sweet treats?


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