my 27th year

A week before my 27th birthday my sister told me that everyone goes through a major change when they turn 27. It has something to do with the fact that it takes 27 years for Jupiter to revolve around the sun. I didn’t really pay attention until I started talking to people about this. I was surprised to learn that everyone I talked to had it happen to them. Boy was I excited! I thought maybe I would finally finish writing the novel I have been working on, or maybe the career change that I have been hoping for will finally happen. I would have never guessed that my epic change would happen so suddenly.

My birthday was May 21. On May 20 I got a phone call from my Mom before I went into work; my Dad was having trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital. The worrier that I am freaked out – nothing could happen to my Dad, he’s my hero. She assured me that everything was fine and he was just getting some tests done. I was still pretty upset but at least he was okay! Later that day when I am on the way to visit him I find out that he had to get open heart surgery. I was devastated. A couple of years ago my husband had a heart attack so I am well aware of the risks.

Long story short – my Dad is doing okay. He should be coming home later this week. However his surgery has inspired me to make better choices for myself. Life is too short to just exist. I can’t just pretend that I won’t have this problem. I am not doing any good sitting on my ass eating junk food all day. (okay so that is over exaggerating just a little bit) However, this is my change. I have the opportunity to better myself. I don’t just mean by eating right – I need to really change how I view my life. I spend way too much time worrying about what is going to happen instead of living in the moment. I’ll never know when my time is up, but I have so much I want to accomplish and it is time I do that!

So here is my plan:

  1.  Eat heart healthy meals and snacks
  2. Create heart healthy foods that taste amazing (I know.. its quite the challenge)
  3. Exercise more (I hate working out .. I think this is going to be the most challenging, but if my Dad can do it I sure as hell can)
  4. Blog Blog Blog!
  5. Help others learn that living heart healthy and happy and be achievable

I have been on so many diets and weight loss programs but they never stick. This journey I am taking is not about losing weight (even though that would be great!). This is my big change. So here is to a healthy happy heart, more energy, less negative feelings and of course some awesome tasting food!




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